Methodology Chapters

Varying methodology chapters are included in this section of the TWS website. These chapters will serve as the basis on how to properly test wild species seeds. The basic chapters tied to the recommended methods in the protocols include the Purity, Germination and Tetrazolium (TZ) tests. Then, as new knowledge is gained, these chapters will need to be updated or even modified to address current and more meaningful ways to test wild seeds. There are other important methodology chapters such as x-ray imagery, moisture determination, and micro-cleaning. In the future, any topic not covered can be added to the methodology section. Please contact the Wild Species Working Group Chair about your suggestion(s).

The goal of these methodology chapters is to provide a resource for seed analysts to refer to about the tests we use to measure the quality of wild seeds. Having these chapters will also serve as a uniform basis to train newly hired seed technicians throughout the world.